In SugarCRM, a relate field can be added to EditView form using a popup from where you can select the desired entry.

In popup, you also have posibility to perform a search to filter the results from related module.
The nice part is that you can automatically send a filtering parameter using “initial_filter” from editviewdefs.php definition. So, for related field you have to add those lines:
'displayParams' => array(
'initial_filter' => "&account_name_advanced=John%20Doe",

That means that the popup it will open with “Account Name” prefilled with “John Doe” value. Be aware that target field is account_name but in “initial_value” the name is account_name_advanced.

This is great, but what if I want to send to pop-up a value of a field that has already been filled, not just a hardcoded value? Let suppose I have an invoice module and in EditView I have an “Acount Name” (related with Accounts) and “Payment responsible” (related with contacts). When I choose payment responsible I what to filter the results in popup by Account name. That makes sense.

To achieve this, in editviewdefs.php you must have:
array (
'name' => 'contact',
'displayParams' => array(
'initial_filter' => "&account_name_advanced=\" + document.getElementById(\"billing_account_name\").value + \"",

billing_account_name is actually the field name of “Account name”.
To understand how this works you can look at the HTML source and search the open_popup() function that is trigged by Contact button. Actually, the “initial_filter” value is a parameter in open_popup() javascript function.
So we can interfere in javascript and call a particular value from form(that we suppose is filled) using javascript function getElementById.

That’s all folks :)